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Ultimate transformational healing packages

Dare to choose you. 

Access Bars Self Care Package

Pay for 4 sessions and get 5

$500 - save $125

The Bars are 32 Points on the head when lightly touched they release our thoughts, feelings, considerations, projections, looping thoughts and Monkey Mind. Much like pressing alt control delete on the computer but for the mind.  When we hold onto trauma that is no longer serving us we don’t have space to allow something new to come through for us.

The universe has your back if you choose it.

By committing to yourself, YOU CHOOSE YOU!

This package is designed for you to gain momentum during your healing journey.

It’s our natural instinct to care for others yet we don’t continue to love & care for ourselves by choosing our own needs and desires before others.

Each healing journey is unique however we must continue to grow to evolve.

It’s a necessity to choose ourselves.

Not a want or desire


If we can’t be there for ourselves then how can we be there for anyone else.

My best analogy to desire this is:

If a mask was to drop down on an aeroplane whilst travelling with a child. Whose mask do you put on first. YOURS!!!

So you can take care of your child.

The same applies to everyday life.

Healing is a Journey.

Do you desire more?

Are you ready to choose you? 

The Ultimate Transformation Healing Package

Your path to a fulfilled LIFE!

2023 The Year Of Transformation

The Year of Connecting to ME!!!

8 Healing Treatments

Invite to Conscious Creation 4 Week Zoom Telecall Series

Reiki Training

$1111 - save $268

1 x Access Bars Treatment

1 x Shamanic Vibrational Healing Treatment

 1 x Distance Reiki Healing Session

1 x Sacred Cacao Group Ceremony

 1 x Intuitive Tarot Card Reading

 1 x Private Rite of Womb or 

I x Munay-Ki Rite Initiation

 1 x Mentoring Session

 1 x Conscious Creation Zoom Tele - Call Series

 1 x Reiki Practitioner Training

You are set for the YEAR!!!

The Ultimate Transformation Healing Package is designed for you to take advantage of a number of modalities to accelerate your healing journey bringing you home to yourself. 

With 8 sessions, 4 weeks of Conscious Creations Zoom Tele-series & Reiki Training This life-changing Ultimate Transformation Healing Package will expand your consciousness, raising your vibration to create a life you desire with easy joy & glory.

What else is possible?

Will you commit to YOU?

I will commit to you.

I will guide, support & hold beautiful space for you.

You are worthy and you are DESERVING 💞

You are not ALONE 🤗

Value $1381

Exchange $999

(Less than a cup of coffee per day)

Afterpay & Payment Plans Available

To commit to you, book below.

Love, Light & Healing

Jo x 

Consciously Me - Healing Package


Any 2 x 1 hour healing packages

1 x  1 hour Intuitive Tarot Card Reading

Essential Oil Roller intuitively create for you!

1 x Energy Clearing Spray

 1 x Rose Quartz Crystal

Exchange: $333

Afterpay & Payment Plans Available

Book below. 

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