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Experience Healing Unlike Any Other

Lovely Messages From Happy Clients

Gain clarity in your life and revive the energy inside your body through the alternative holistic health services I provide at The Spiritual Vibe. Since my spiritual awakening, I have helped numerous individuals in Australia and other countries heal, grow, and better themselves. Read on to find out what they have to say about me and my company.

Even healers need healers

I was blessed to receive a delicious reiki healing and blessing from jo this week. My stress level went from off the scale to manageable and I was able to detach from it. Thankyou jo for your gifts. Your skills and your love x

- Natalie McIvor - The Vibrational Healer

You took the words out of my mouth. Truly amazing...... Jo is pure love. An amazing mentor. Miracles did happen.

- Lee Tanner

All I can say is what a Magical day and I’m so blessed to yet enjoy another session with jo experiencing the cacao ceremony for the first time

This experience allowed me to release my trauma and such a life changing event.

Myself and my two friends joined jo for a group session. Today I feel so much lighter from the heaviness and my mind is completely at ease. The feeling was incredible and I felt the energy healing each section of my body as I went through the ceremony, Jo helped me when it got a little intense and supported me through it to release and I felt so safe, I highly recommend this session. My friend entered jo’s home and had a knee injury prior. Jo applied oils and done healing work on his knee and today he can walk normal and has very little pain when he was almost crying in pain. He is so overwhelmed by his experience that he cried with me in happy tears of feeling so much more free of dark energy. We all released so much and healed so much. So very blessed to have jo in our lives. We all are looking forward to the next session. thank you beautiful lady xx

Sarah Anne Maunder 8/2/21

Jo is incredibly down to earth and right away I felt a welcoming vibe from her and immediately trusted her and this does not normally happen, she explained things in ways I can understand and was the best conversation I have had about ways to overcome anything in my path that disturbs my peace and reaching the top, she was accurate with so much including my ex partner coming through and straight away said his name and description and helped me communicate with him to find more closure and jo went beyond talking to me about every obstacle i have been facing in life and it was so reassuring and I am now looking forward to my future path as I really enjoyed my tarot card reading and put a huge smile back on Face that was a frown when I entered Jo’s home, she’s an amazing woman that produces so much strength and support and first hand knowledge of life’s struggles to make her even more of a magnificent spiritual healer plus more, will definitely be returning for more guidance and support from jo next year

Lots of love


Joannes reading was incredible! Her reading touched my heart in all the right places, and her words were an exact explanation of what was going on in my life. The past, present and future cards were spot on, especially in terms of my job and my current state of mind taking on a leadership role. I highly recommend Joanne, you will not be disappointed

- Alexandra Leighton | 26/6/19

I want to thank Joanne for the reading she did for me, he is kinda cheeky, n sneaky but he’s the most important guy in my life right now, I hope he does decide what he wants n commits to me as foe the secret I’m not sure

- Jodie Mandel | 8/6/19

I would like to appreciate Joanne for the great reading she did for me.. I love the way she has done it...Thanks again...God Bless...

- Mohsen Niazi | 8/6/19

Wow, had a reading off a Facebook Post, Really perfect card for positively in the future. I felt Jo picked up all the things that were prominent for me at the moment, really gave me something to look forward to and reminds me some of the simple things we often overlook. Thank you so much Jo. Will definitely be seeking your services again.

- Kylie Barnes 20/6/19

Joanne picked up on my energy and physical symptoms perfectly! I’m grateful for her insight & encouragement

- Emily Hudson-Robbins | 20/6/19

Thankyou Joanne for the card and info. Made me feel more positive about something i have been working towards. Thankyou!

- Jolene Oceann | 21/6/19

Wow I just got picked a 1 card, I want to thank you for taking the time and giving me a card, i so needed a card. I have been struggling in a couple of areas & i thank you. The card is beautiful & I can’t wait for the fantastic things that are about to happen. Blessings to you.

- Suzanne Burson | 23/6/19

👋I just want to take a moment to thank Joanne for my mini little reading👈, was spot on, it was like your inside my head🔮😁 and you know exactly what I’m thinking, blew me away, 🔮your amazing! 👋 Joanne I can resonate thankyou for the reading! Your a brilliant reader & human being💞 NAMASTE😘

- Caro Holmes | 29/6/19

Thank u for ur reading u were very accurate, my shoulder is tight stiff and sore at times, I twisted my arm in February and this is the outcome my shoulder but I'm going for a scan on it. You were also right about the sadness which thee is a lot of, if everything goes the way I plan then I will get in touch for a personal reading with u, thank u again for ur reading. Have a beautiful day hun thank u x

- Estelle Hughes | 23/09/2019

Thanks Joanne a great card of reassurance than im on the right track, have been feeling right off for a while

Catherine Bohsali | 7/7/19

Thanks alot for ur time and energy it's helping me to take future steps its related to my situation too ty blessings

- Hareem Khan | 7/7/19

Wow such a wonderful reading. A lot of that resonated thank you.

The new life coming. The new career. The new business on the back burner, the courage to see it take front seat. The moon i flow with the moon, the goddess, the intuition, the trust. The end to a relationship. So many things are amazing. The indecision. You read me beautifully.

- Kylie Barnes | 8/7/19

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