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The Spiritual Vibe 111

I started this business because it is what I am passionate about. I experience great joy in helping individuals in Australia and other parts of the world and watching them grow throughout their spiritual journey. I love doing my part in making the world a better place. The Spiritual Vibe specialises in everything holistic and spiritual, including Reiki, tarot cards, positive affirmations, spiritual rituals, and aromatherapy. As the owner of this establishment, I have been working on my skills in these areas for more than 20 years.

I want to share my knowledge and gifts with like-minded, beautiful souls in a safe, inspiring environment. It’s about growth, love, peace, happiness, gratitude, and women empowerment.

Hi, I'm Jo Rolfe

I am blessed to have three beautiful children and in 2019 I became a Grandmother to my beautiful Granddaughter. 

For many years, I have failed to understand why:

  • I felt so alone and didn't fit in anywhere
  • I suffered from depression
  • I would be struck down with a major illness every 3-4 years
  • I was so emotional
  • My moods went up and down like a constant rollercoaster ride
  • I could feel others’ emotional pain so deep down in my soul that it psychically hurt
  • I would put others before myself even if it meant I would suffer or go without to help someone else

Now I Know Why

Guess what—now I know why! It is because I am an empath healer—I wanted to fix everyone. While I was fixing everyone else, my problems were pushed to one side, along with any self-care and love for myself. This eventually led to physical exhaustion, depression, and illness.

My Life's Journey

My life's journey has been a truly challenging one and it has bought me internal growth, peace, love, and happiness. I also found my soul mate, my twin flame. It’s quite rare to be with someone who is both, but I’ve never been one to settle for halves.

Spirituality and holistic healing has always been my passion, but doubt and fear eventually took over, and procrastination wasn't far behind. Finally, I gave in to the universe; surrender and acceptance came next.

Look At Me Now!

Look at me now—The Spiritual Vibe has been born! I am here to offer holistic healing and deal with all things spiritual. This is my passion, calling in life, and way of giving back and giving thanks. The word that comes to mind for me is “Gratitude”.

I am a certified Reiki Master and an empath intuitive healer. I love all things holistic and spiritual such as crystals, numerology, energy clearing, and meditation. In addition, I love mentoring women to empower themselves and release the internal goddess that lives inside all of us.

My Happy Places

I love the beach; it is my happy place. That is why I am truly blessed to live on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, where there are at least five beaches within 5-10 minutes of my place. The ocean is wonderful for calming and detoxifying the soul. I enjoy putting my toes in the sand, closing my eyes, and sitting back to relax and listen to the sound of the ocean. It’s so peaceful, and it’s my sacred place.

A huge thank you to the beautiful souls that have been part of my journey. You know who you are.

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